Today is the day

Today it happen. My son is circumcised and we will soon leave for the doctor who will perform the surgery. I've sat this morning and goggle the doctor who will perform the surgery. I want to be sure he is qualified and knows what he's doing. It seems he is. he is connected to the county so there should be no problem. But as a mother, I'm  worried about my little son. But it's only natural I suppose. Insha Allah, it will go well for him.  

Haha by the way my son is certainly very interested in computer cord and keep trying to eat it. LOL. And when I take it back he will be sorry. The pacifier is not as interesting as the computer cord.  

But now I must hurry for us to be at the doctor, at 12:00. makes much Duas for my little son.

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2 Lovley thoughts:

hijabi said...

Salaam sister! Mabrook! My son was circumcised 3 weeks ago.

*Muslim mama* said...

thank you hijabi