from good to bad, all in one day!

This day began with sunshine. The night has gone well. My Little Prince has been sleeping and eating as he should. The morning started well, I thought. I felt more hopeful for the doctor's visit today than I did yesterday. We went to the doctor and was forced to wait a full hour after the scheduled time. He was not even there but according to the receptionist he was on his way.

While I was waiting I sat and looked around the waitingroom.There were two Somali women at the clinic with a little girl of perhaps four years old. I wondered why they were there. Ok so it took me a while before I understood, but frankly, did not I think as far, as it is illegal in my country. Yes, I strongly suspect that she was there to be mutilated. Even my husband thinks that's why they were there. There was simply no other explanation for why the two older women would come in with a little girl at this doctor's office with this doctor. I feel disgusted about this fact. It is so terrible! Poor little girl. That doctor was likely to receive money illegally to carry out this terrible deed. I will not go back to this doctor again. I really did not expect that I would have to witness such a barbaric deed in a country like this.

The doctor examined my son and decided that he needed two stitches. but otherwise everything was as it should so we are going back there in a few hours. He did not have time right then because he had many patients who were waiting. So now I'm waiting for us to go back there, but frankly, I really don´t want to. I am against circumcision of girls and it is illegal here. Actually, I would report him to the police, but then there is no one to help my son. What a dilemma.

Maybe the doctor thought it was better that he performed the surgery than they went to Somalia to do so. It is clear that it is much safer to do this here but it is so terrible. Does he have no morals? I do not know, sure, I can understand the reasoning but I feel so sorry for the little girl. Insha Allah, we had completely wrong but it seems unlikely, unfortunately.

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