7 things about me

I love this sort of thing. A tag of sort. I wasn´t tagged but I´ve seen this tag on a few blogs so I don´t care I wasn´t taged and I want to do it anyway.

So here it is; 7 things about me

  1. I love tea. My husband thinks my consuming of tea isn´t normal. I didn´t know you could drink to much tea. 
  2. I read a lot! When I start to read it is very hard for me to put the book down. I just love stories, I can´t get enough of them.
  3. I am a mother, but I guess you already know that! LoL
  4. I love oranges, I always have. I wonder if it is because my mum ate so many during her pregnancy with me?
  5. I grew up in a family with only sisters. My dad was the only man. It was a very female environment actually. Three sister we are and very different we are.
  6. The most important person in my life is my son and then my husband. 
  7. I am completley terrified of spiders. They have way to many legs!

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3 Lovley thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Dear sister, I love your 7 things! :) Thanks for posting :) <3

~x Aisha x~ said...

yeay for tea and i dnt like spiders either..dnt understand why they need so many legs ugh!

Shy Arab girl said...

I love tea too and am terrified of spiders. May Allah protect your loved ones. Thanks for sharing!