Al hamdulillah

It seems that as the healing of my son's penis is on the right track. I feel so incredibly relieved by this. So Al hamdulillah, al hamdulillah. ok, so I know it is weird that I talk about my son´s penis all the time but I´ve been really worried about this and I have not been able to think about anything else for the whole week so that is why I´ve been talking about that. I will write what is on my mind and this week it has been my son´s circucision.

To me, circumcision is not unusual and I have known for years that if I have a son so he must be circumcised. It was what my husband and I agreed on even before I converted to Islam. We, however, live in a society that mostly consider male circumcision as a bad thing. There are doctors who refuse to perform the surgery even though the county council has said that all counties  should offer this. Society at large think that this is a bad thing.

My family (as you probably guessed, is not Muslim) considers this as something bad. My relationship with my family is very tricky, especially since I told them that I have converted to Islam. For this reason I decided not to tell my family that my son would be circumcised.I know it will be difficult for my family to accept this, and I did not want hear a lot of crap about it. I did not want to argue with my mom about it either. Therefore, I chose to say nothing. I decided that my family just may discover it on their own one day and then it is already done and there is really nothing to say about it.

But actually, I missed having my mom to talk to this week when I have been so worried for my little son. I think this is such a pity. Our mother and daughter relationship has really been hurt by my choice of lifestyle. I miss having my mom to talk to, to seek advice from and have as a support when I have a hard time. But it is hard when she is so judging on how I live my life. It makes me not open my heart for her, either. I know she will freak but I think that if she finds out after the healing then she might see it is not so bad, but imagine if she had known about it and known how this week has been for us, then she would probably never understand or accept it. This way she might, if I am lucky. Insha allah!

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2 Lovley thoughts:

~x Aisha x~ said...

yeay! glad it is getting better! i know about the stigma against circumcision, but maybe if you explain the medical benefits of it, and explain that it isnt just a muslim thing, jews and christians practice this as well. tbh i think all boys regardless of religion should get it done, the benefits in the long run are definitely worth it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Muslim mama!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I understand that you've been worried and I'm glad that everything is going well now with your son now, Alhamdulillah.
I also understand that you miss the good relationship with your mother and that it's difficult.
How long have you been a muslim now?
I reverted about 3 years ago and first now I'm starting to have a good relationship with my mother again, who found it all very terrible!! :-/ And I was just in LOVE with Islam and at the same time was so sad that she didn't understand my choice and that she also thought my husband had forced me to revert or something. Many discussions led to not seeing or talking to my parents for a long time... :( It was a hard time for all of us, but I felt like I'd no other choice, really! Alhamdulillah, things are going so much better now - and getting better as time goes by - and insha'Allah the same will happen in your case <3 <3