Oh how I miss thee my spring

I am so tired of this cold and all the snow. I want spring! It feels like this winter will last forever. And they say that the spring will be late this year. Well I guess I just have to wait and see. But it can be really beautiful during winter. But I really, really miss spring. I want to see the world come to life again. I want to smell the world come to life, I want to feel the light but still a bit cold wind in my face and feel the sun warm my skin. I miss the life that spring brings. I miss all the colors that comes. The world is so colorful in spring more so than during summer in some ways. Summer is mostly green, but spring, oh spring have so many colors!

I sort of got promoted at work. My boss, sort of created a new position at work and she want´s me on it when I get back to work. I feel really nervous about it. What if her faith in me is totally wrong. What if I can´t do it. I mean I have only been working for a year since I graduated. Well, I did say yes to the job so I will just have to make it work. I´m really happy about it though, It feels great. And I have almost a year to figure it out before I start this new position.

I can recomend tangled! It is really funny. But I sort of knew it would be. I love that Rapunzel is so confident even though she had never left her tower. But that girl has spunk! She is very confident and independent and that is like fresh air compared to how disneys princesses usally are.

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