A nightmare in the making

We went to another doctor with our son like I said in the post below. It turned out that we must do the circumcision again. This is a nightmare that I can not wake up from, it feels like. The doctor said he must do it again and they will  anesthetize our little boy but because he weighs too little right now, we have to wait until he weighs 14 kg. There is nothing dangerous in the current situation but because the head is barely visible anymore, (it is as if he is not circumcised)  it can be problematic when he gets a little bigger. Insha Allah this will end well. It is in Allah's hands now. We can only pray and put our trust in Allah! The most important thing for me right now is that my little prince is doing well  al hamdulillah.
Today I, my dad and my little sister will go to the movies. We are going to see tangled. It is a bit of a family tradition to see the Disney film each year. Though in recent years I don´t think that they have been very good. I'm not really into computer animation. I likeed it better when they made real animated movies themselves. Classics like Aladdin and Lion King. But this year I think the movie might be fun! My little prince will be with his dady when I´m at the movies. I´m looking farward to this!

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2 Lovley thoughts:

~x Aisha x~ said...

oh wow im really sorry to hear this! dnt worry so much about the head, this is quite common with circumcised babies. my sons sometimes disappears, but i am told that this is because he is still small and as he gets older, it will be like normal due to gravity inshAllah! are u doing it with the same doctor? maybe seek a second opinion on your son but i hope everything goes well

*Muslim mama* said...


yes we did. we went to another doctor. he was the one who told us we needed to do it again.
and will do so at this doctor. not the same as we went to before.