It´s been a while

It has been a while ago since I wrote here. I have no track of the days any longer. They flow into each other. Tomorrow I and my husband will go to another doctor who will look at my son's circumcision. I am so worried. The skin around it has become so tight that the head almost can´t  get out. NOT GOOD. I've heard they're  very good, these doctors. Why will this nightmare never end?
But my son are doing well. He is happy and alert. He does not seem to suffer and that is important.

We have begun to give him small portions of food now. He loves food. we've tried potato and carrot, and he likes both! Yesterday he got a taste of the juice from a grape, he loved it. It is so fun to see his reaction to different kinds of food. Every time he gives me a big smile and he ate all the food (like one tablespoon) from day one. That was funny cause all I read about that was that they usally do not eat very much in the beginning but he did.
My sister is staying with us right now and it is of course a bit tricky. A few days ago  she asked if she could buy ham and paté. Yes you can probably guess what I said. NO. There Will Be no pork in my house. But her staying here is going well. So far, she has respected our rules and that's good. Though she is always very suspicious of my food. Probably because I do not make food that she is accustomed to. I'm very fond of Arab food, and I usually do that kind of food. But she seems to think it is good in all cases. And she stays with us because they are renovating their bathroom so she will stay for 2 months.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, hope all is going to go well for the little boy. All the best!