I feel totally overwhelmed

My organizational skills seem to be nonexistent. How does other moms do this? I really wish I could be more orderly. Actually, I think it's about, I find it hard to organize my day now that I have to organize around my little son. Such a simple thing like cleaning seems to be so very unattainable now. Just the thought of how I should do to be able to clean and cook and paying bills and, and, and all in one day.... Yes, just the thought makes me sit down and do absolutely nothing. 

For the most part, I feel totally overwhelmed by all these perfectly normal and common tasks. Actually, I can not do everything when my boy is asleep, because that then he would most likely wake up, or I do not have time because he only sleeps for short periods at a time. I have a baby bjorn but then he is little in the way as he hangs on my stomach. Then I´m mostly walking around and worry that I should happen to go into something so that he get hurt. It is very fortunate that I can force my husband to help me sometimes

Tomorrow I will force him out of bed early in the morning so that he can help me clean the house, his parents will come to dinner and then it must be clean and nice at home. I think it needs to be cleaned but my husband doesn´t think so, but I do not care and what does he know anyway? If I have not cleaned when they arrive to see the new apartment and have dinner with us then I will not be able to think of anything else and I will be ashamed of how it looks. Though frankly, I still find it hard to relax when they come. Always when I cook for them, I am dissatisfied with the food and I do not think it is good, which means that I am ashamed that the food is not so good. And of course it does not matter that the in-laws say that the food was delicious.  

The thing is that my mother is a star in the kitchen. Her food is incredibly good and there is no way to measure up to her skill in the kitchen. When I cook for myself and my husband then I can be really satisfied and really think that I am not so stupid in the kitchen after all, but as soon as I should invite someone elsefor dinner then I get so incredibly insecure. It´s stupid I know but that is how it is for me.

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