A lazy man

It was really long time since I wrote on this blog. There have been a bit much here lately. 

My sister in law and her husband live with us right now. And there are actually good things to have them here. I get a lot of help with cooking and such. But above all it is interesting to see how incredibly different their marriage is compared to mine. Me and my husband help each other very much even though I am the one who does most in terms of household chores, I also get help from my husband. I can ask my husband about things I want but can not manage to get myself and my husband does the same thing.We simply take care of each other. I'm very happy with how we've Arrange our time together. 

But my sister in law marriage looks hot different. She does everything for her husband, and I really mean everything. He sits down on his butt and waiting for her to do - whatever it is he wants - for him. He can not even cook tea for himself and we do  have a water boiler so there's nothing advanced to be done here.

We ate breakfast one morning - scrambled eggs - and my sister in law went to the cabinet to get some hard bread, butter and marmalade. She made the sandwich and gave it to her husband. He sits opposite her at the same table and he must extend as far as her to reach bread butter and marmalade. But he just sits there patiently waiting for his wife to fix a sandwich for him. Honestly. I thought there was something wrong with my eyes. I mean, Really? 

I had cooked meat sauce and spaghetti one day and our men came home a little later. When they got home, I told my husband that the food is on the stove. (I assumed l that they would fix dinner themselves, as my husband always does) I returned to whatever it was I did. My sister in law´s husband sat down on the couch and waited. After a moment she walks into the kitchen and starts to heat up everything for them. Adding up the plates and the whole choir. I could not believe my own eyes. Is it hard to put up food on a plate and set it in the microwave?

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