'Paradise lies at the feet of your mother'

Wow, to be a mother in this society is hard!

People really have no respect for mothers. Try to find somewhere to breastfeed in this town. It is absolutely impossible. There are no nursing room anywhere in this town. Try to go in a shop with a stroller .... completely impossible. Even though you try to be careful, you go into the shelves and the like, all the time because it is so crowded. Not to mention all the angry looks you get for coming into the store with the stroller to begin with. Oh, and going to the cafe with the stroller. You can not do that either, though there are actually a couple of cafes or so that are appropriate for strollers and given that this is a city with a few million inhabitants, I think that is terrible. Why is that I wonder? I mean there are quite many mothers living here you know.....

But if you are able to find a cafe where you come in with a stroller, you hope that your tresure (your child) do not start to cry because then you will experience how it feels to be hated like the plague. people at the tables nearest starts to move as far as they can while the rest of the cafe guests offers a blend of looks that says either: Can you take your kid and go  away from here, you disturb us, don´t you get that? or  Poor woman, that mother can not keep track of her children.  
Where is the respect for us mothers? I think we deserve so much more than this societal contempt that we have to endure. It is we who educate citizens in the society and what do we get for it? contempt? It is not easy being a mom. It is hard work and I think we deserve some respect. It is like our prophet said (peace be upon him) in a hadith:  "Do good to and serve your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father, then the near relatives and then those who come after them."[Mazhari] But then again I do not live in a muslim country so I guess that means nothing to most people here, but I really do think it should!

Right now, I feel that I do not want to go outside the door with my son. Actually, I think the incredible music and all the screaming people do, makes the children more worried. Well there you have one more thing that makes it impossible to enjoy a day on the town with your child. THE TERRIBLY HIGH MUSIC that gives you a headache. In addition, you can not lead a normal conversation because you have to yell to be heard.

Someone else who is as frustrated as I am? 

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2 Lovley thoughts:

~x Aisha x~ said...

yes everyone jumps to conclusions if your baby starts crying but i think as the months go by you learn to be more confident and i guess it increases with how many kids you have as well lol! just ignore those snotty-nosed people and breastfeed away!

*Muslim mama* said...

Aisha: Well that is good, I want more children so it´s good to know it wont be like this forever LoL