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I miss my work! 

I do. I love my son and I love being with him but I really really miss my work. I never ever thought I would ever say that. During my whole pregnancy I wished I could be at home. I had no energy left for work. I didn´t want to work, I wanted to be at home and sleep and do 'homey' stuff, like cooking and cleaning. And now when I am at home all the time and actually can do those things I want to get back to work. Am I crazy? Why do I always want what I don´t have? And I haven´t stoped working completly. I still work but only a few hours a month. one morning every month. Not so much no. But I want more. It is fun to work. I like to work and I really do enjoy being at my work. (I think I will go and visit them next week.)

Then I think about my son and how important it is to take care of every moment with him, becuase I will never get this time back with him. He is growing so very fast. It feels like only yesterday when he was a new born and now he little over three months, wow, how did that happen? I guess I need to stay in the moment, not looking back or farward. Just be here and now and nowhere else. When it is time for me to get back to work I am sure I will miss being at home with my beautiful little son.

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