Ikea is the best ever!

I don´t know in how many countries Ikea exist, But for you who doesn´t know what ikea is: it is a store with everything you can imagine for your home. They have everything and I just love to walk aound there. I had to buy some thing to our new appartment.  

Paws for the chairs (you know the small round things that you have underneath the legs on the chair, so as not to scratch the floor) We call them paws here anyway. I also bought hooks to hang on the door. I bought new clothes hangers in plastic to take up much less space in the closet than the hangers that are made of wood. I really enjoy my hangers in wood, it looks so good but they take up too much space. Ikea is actually really nice plastic hangers

This is the hook I bought. It is really smart!

I just bought alot of these little things that I needed. And I really had a nice time there. I love, love, love I love smart solutions on how to keep things at home, etc. I am always looking for great stuff to make your life simpler in your home. It is just so much fun!

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