A quiet and snowy evening

It seems like I will be able to post after all. I  have a wireless connection so I am borrowing from my neighbor. I like my new place it is bigger and a lot nicer here but there is much more sounds around here. I can here my neighbors more here. 

Since the apartments are bigger here, there lives more people here and of course they sound more than single people, couples and elderly people who usually live in small apartments where we lived before. There was only apartments with one, two or three rooms. Here are just apartments with three or four rooms. We have moved to a very cozy little apartment with three rooms.

When you have a small child who needs his mummy it is not easy to move especially since I am the most organized of me and my husband. If I could have decided I would have done it all in one day. But my husband thinks it´s better to do it over several days and since I am with the baby he has the final vote. So now we are in day two of moving and we have a lot more to go, It feels like we are moving forever. But I´m not complaining since he is the one doing all the hard work.  

I like when it snows like this in the evening, the world seems more quiet and more peaceful. It makes me more at peace aswell. I think this move is difficult on our little boy, he is so small and I think it all feels very wrong to him. It doesn´t look like home and it does not smell like home. It must be strange for him, but insha allah he will feel more at home when we are more settled in.

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