A concern of mine

My dearest husband got the number to a doctor who circumsize boys. Apperently he is famous and evryone goes to him both muslims and jews. And he is a legitimte doctor and not a fake. At least that is what my hubby said. So I feel a little better now. My mother inlaw thinks we should call him right away before he gets four months old. Actually I think so too. The sooner the better right? Insha allah it will be quick and not to painful for my little baby. 

He is so cute my little one and he is growing up so fast! I never thought I would miss the first months in my babys life because it was really hard for me. We could not go anywhere and I was so tired all the time and locked up in that small apartment. I really thought I would be crazy. And he was really not that difficult but he wanted to nurse all the time and for like 1 hour at the time sometimes. It was hard for me. and I couldn´t do anything but sit on the sofa and watch tv.  But now he is bigger and 'talking' and makes bubbles with his mouth, so big! Well now I miss when he was so little that he could lay on my belly like a little ball. He was so small and I miss that. But I love that he can be on is own for a few minutes without crying. Now I can actually cook and clean and write in this blog and that is nice. And now we can go outside for a walk if we feel like it.

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