Oh how I love thee

My wonderful baby boy is keeping me occupied. I have not many chances to write here, but now he is sleeping in his swing so I steel myself a moment with you bloggers out there who ever you might be. We went to the nurse today because he is now three months old, masha allah how fast he grow, to take his vaccin for alot of diseases that I do not want him to get. It´s standard here everyone gets a vaccin shot at three months. It was hard for me to watch him in pain, my little one. He was so sad! 

How will I cope the day he will be circumcised? It must be the hardest thing for every mother when their children are in pain even if it is for a good thing. I want to do it soon though before he starts to move around alot. I think the healing process will be faster if he don´t move around to much. My sister in law´s oldest child didn´t get circumcised until he was three years I think. And he remebers the pain (he is five now) and that is not what I want for my son. Her youngest son is soon three and he is not yet circumcised either. 

For all you mothers out there I have a question: What is your experience and thoughts about this? Pleace let me know in a comment.

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3 Lovley thoughts:

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Salaam alaikum :-)

My boy was circumsized in Canada by the same doctor who delivered him, but me, a first-time mother, couldn't stand to be around so his father stayed with him. He was maybe 1 week old give or take a few days...

From what his father told me, it was a very quick procedure and the only pain he might have felt was when she injected the local anesthesia before cutting away the skin. He didn't even cry, mashaaAllah.

During the time that he heals, I suggest using very generous portions of Vaseline so that the diaper material doesn't get stuck to his stitches (imagine ripping the fresh wound in such a sensitive area??? awwww!!) and he should be fine inshaaAllah.

Maybe get your husband to take him but he might get squirmy if he is 3 months... My doctor advised me to breastfeed but I chickened out and waited outside the doctor's office LoL

Good luck to u and ur baby <3

*Muslim mama* said...

Aalia: thank you for your advise. I wanted my baby to be circumsized right away when he was born but in my country the doctors don´t like the idea of boys being circumsized so we have to find an arabic doctor at a private practise and we know one but it is all very complicated to get it done here. so that is why we have waited so long.

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Awww that's too bad :-/ InshaaAllah you will find exactly what you need and feel comfortable with, and may Allah reward you for trying to finish/completing a faroodh act!!