Tulips and orchids

I love flowers! But for some reason Orchids are the only flower I can manage to keep alive. Actually I rock at taking care of orchids! I always get compliments on my orchids when people come to my house. I really think that orchids are the most beautiful flower in Allah´s creation. They are so delicate and so simple and amazing. 

I also love tulips. My mother and sister came to visit me yesterday and they brought purpule tulips for me. Very lovley. I just love how tulips remind me of spring. When you can buy tulips in the store than you know that spring is on it´s way al hamdulillah for all the beautiful things in this world.

I have reacently moved to a bigger appartment and today I think I found the perfect curtains for my livingroom. They are really nice. But they are sort of hard to describe in color. They are sort of beige-bronze-brown-gold and a little shiny in the fabric with a print of flowers that you can barley see. Like I said hard to describe, but I really like them. Now I just need to check with my hubby to se if he also like them. I guess that will be tomorrw since he probably wont be home until after I am a sleep. I just want to be done with this moving stuff. We still have a few things at the old apartment and it is two weeks since we started to move. And I have still a lot of boxes that needs to be unpacked. But it is hard when you have a baby and your husband don´t really do that much and is never home. (sorry, I got a bit irritated for a moment) Anyway. I guess We will be done with all of this some day in a insha allah near future.

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