A new year a new beginning

Isn´t it funny that people always says: this year will be different. This year will be a new beginning for me. Why is the new year so special for making new promises. I saw on tv that if you want to make a promise you should do it right away and not wait until the new year. If you do it´s very likley to not keep it. I think it doesn´t matter if you make it right away or if you wait until the new year. It is very likely you won´t keep it anyway.

My husband made me a promise yesterday. And actually he has made this promise many times before. But as you may have guessed he has not kept it. And he will not keep it this time either, that I am sure of. Sometimes I wonder if he had ever any plans on keeping it. It think he just say it so I will stop being angry at him so he can do whatever. 

I am so irritated at him. And I just don´t feel very happy anymore. I just wish he would care more about us and less about himself and his needs all the time. A balance would be nice. I want him to be more like he used to be a few years ago when he cared more about me than he cared about his friends. Now they are his biggest priority.

That sounded horrible. I love my husband. I wanna be very clear on that. I am happy to be married with him. I m just not very happy myself at the moment. There will always be ups and downs in a marrige and I guess this is the downs. There will come better times insha allah!

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2 Lovley thoughts:

Anonymous said...


it is normal for men to start hanging with their friends once they are married - it is not nice mind you - but often men think of women as cleaners, cookers, and children raisers. It can be frsutratign if your husband always takes but never gives (beyond money which some of them think is their ONLY duty).

Build your own support. Trust me, if you start going to activities outside the home be it library, mommy/baby groups, the mall to walk around, whatever - he will likely start being home more. YOu need to show him to can carry on without him but staying cooped up in your house with a young child will make you very depressed. YOu need adult companionship. Trust me, I know.

*Muslim mama* said...


Yes I guess you are right about that. I will take your advice and insha allah I will see him home more :D

thank you for your kind words