I forgot to introduce myself

I it is not really important for you, the world to know who I am. I don´t really want you to know who I am. I sort of like the idea of being anonymous. I had a blog where I was not and all of the sudden people knew me and even told me they had seen me in real life. I just want to be able to write without anyone knowing who I am. 

But I can say this: I am a mother not yet 30 years of age. I have a few years left before I get 30. I converted to islam over a year ago and I am married to a wonderful man who is not the same nationality as I am. I live in a non islamic country and a non englishspeaking country so please excuse me if my spelling and stuff is off sometimes. 

I think I am lucky to have found something I love for my profession. I really do think I make a difference. I contribute to society. 

I just want to write about my thoughts. Being married is not always the easiest thing in the world. Being a mother isn´t either. But hey I am happy being both. But sometimes you just need to tell someone about stuff. And the best thing is if that someone does not know who you are. Then I can be free with my thoughts. And you know this is sort of the only grown up conversation I have during the day. So now you know why I am here in the blogsphere trying to comunicate with someone faceless person who happen to step inside my little corner of the blogworld. So pleace write a comment and let me know you came for a visit.

Now, pleace have good day and you are very welcome back.

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2 Lovley thoughts:

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum,
i found you through Nida's blog.
outlook of your blog is great.
may allah bless you,your husband and child.
jazakallah khair.

*Muslim mama* said...

Anon: thank you :D