Say Hello to the ´I want mummy´ phase

A very intense period in my life has begun. My son has fact entered a new phase in its development. Namely mother dependence. I can not take a step without my son is just us my feet and if I go too fast, he starts whining. As soon as I sit on the floor so he starts to climb up into my arms and I'm sitting on the couch, he will crawl to my feet while he whines and lifts his arm to show that he wants in my lap. It is very cute and cozy but incredibly stressful. For right now I feel very limited in what I can do here at home because I can not take a step without him. He is like a small patch on me. But it is allright I guess, I mean how can one be irritated with such a cute face?

I am very happy right now cuz I and my son are going abroad, although only to the neighboring country to visit relatives, but it will be fun I think. It was a long time since I was there. I'm going with my family, I leave my husband at home this time. It is so nice there. My relative that we'll stay with is living in a very small village right by the sea. Oh it's so wonderful. When I was growing up we always went there, every summer. This is like my second home, you could say actually. I really long to go, but it is still a month left.

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1 Lovley thoughts:

Anonymous said...

A lovely trip to look forward to! 1 month, it's going to fly.
Stay well end enjoy the lovely times with your son.