What about me, myself and I?

It is easy to forget yourself when you are mom. Everything is so focused on the new little person coming into your life. It's all about the new baby. All your thoughts revolve around the new baby. And it goes without saying.  

 You wants what is best for your child, you want to give all you can for your child. Somewhere in the middle of it all you forget yourself. I becomes we. And when you buy something for yourself, you end up e with something for your baby instead. For some reason, along the way the baby and you become the same person, rather than two individuals. I do not know if anyone else has experienced this, but for me it became crystal clear recently.  

And I found that it is not healthy to completely forget yourself. You need time that is yours alone. It doesn´t need to be for long but you need a moment that is just yours (and that does not mean, cleaning, cooking and washing clothes) It may be that you meet a friend and enjoy some coffee or maybe go to the gym for a while. The key is to get some time for yourself without your baby. That way you can avoid feeling bad/sad/depressed and you can become a better and happier mom.

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