do you have any obsessions? something that you can not let go. Even if you know you should?  

My obsession is books, books, books. I have lots of books and I always buy new. I prefer to read fantasy and paranormal books in English. I have found that books are much better when they are not translated, you should read the books in their original language (if possible). Lucky for me it seems that most authors that I like is  English speaking and lucky for me I can English really well now since I read so much in English.  

My problem is that I read more than I should especially when I have my periods of deprission. Then I escape into the world of books and when I am there, I'm not really present in real life. This is my biggest problem and I should not escape my reality. But honestly, I do not live a bad life, I am happy and content most of the time. But I can not seem to control these episodes of deprission. Suddenly when I wake up one morning I am there. And when that  happens, nothing works for me.  

I do not even know what I want to say by this really.

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