The butterfly award

Thank you rose water for this lovley reward. 
The rules for winning this award is to write something about yourself and link to some bloggers you want to give this award to and let them know. And also copy the picture above and post on your blog =))

So something about me, well......
I am two nationalities. (that is, my mother is from one country and my father is from another country)
I love green olives, to draw, paint, write and I love the color black

I want the following to have this award:

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3 Lovley thoughts:

Mona Z said...

Aw, mashaAllah, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear sister!
I'm glad you appreciated the award :) :)
It's so cute that you colored the text in the colors of the award! :D
And what lovely blogs you awarded too.

All the best.

Ala said...

haha mashallah tack fina du!