I´ve been utterly lost... in books

I have not had time to blog, I have been very busy. hmm no not with my son (although he is a real little bundle of energy.) No, the reason I have not had time to blog is because I have been utterly lost in books recently. I absolutely devour book after book after book. Right now I'm reading the series of Morganville Vampires. There are 10 books so far and it is so exciting. Yes so that is why I have not had time to blog. Hihi. Anyway. I've decided to challenge myself to read 50 books in 2011 and I have so far read 20 books so there should be no problem keeping up with it even though I am a little stressing mother of  a small child.
My sister in law lives with us right now. She is really nice but does not talk much of my language as it is and sometimes it´s a bit difficult to communicate but I don´t mind, I might snap up some Arabic and  she has promissed me to learn how to make Dolmar and other arabic food.

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2 Lovley thoughts:

~x Aisha x~ said...

hooray for books! i love them too but my son always want to pull them away from me :(

*Muslim mama* said...

Aisha: yeah, same here :P