pre-school/kindergarten/nursery or whatever it is called

Oh it's beautiful weather outside today! I'll certainly take a walk after lunch. I feel so much happier now that the weather is better! more sunshine and warmer than it has been for many months.  

Yesterday I went to a kindergarten that is open to children and parents. That is, the mothers are with their children at the preschool a few hours. It's really fun. Then I get the chance to meet other moms and my little ray of sunshine can meet other babies. We sit with the children on a large rug and so they can lie there and babble to each other and we moms can share some experiences with each other. Then we sing with the children. It's very good that there are such pre-schools because it is almost the only chance to meet other people and above all, other mothers in the first year that you are at home with your children. Yesterday was my little guy really seemed to like a little girl of 4 months. He tried to eat her hand! haha That was just so funny! He is really cute. 
 I was also looking at preschools/kindergartens that may be of interest since when he shall begin at the preschool next year. There is a kindergarten right where I live and those who worked there were really super unpleasant. I do not want my son to go there all day if it is in this way as they treat their parents. The other school, however, seemed much better. I have tried to contact the Muslim pre-school which is near where I live but I have not yet succeeded. I'm very curious about it but I know that they have a very long queue so we'll see what happens with that one.

So far, it is quite a long time before he begins, and that day will be one of the hardest days for me in a long time. But I have to start working again when I no longer get any money from the insurance fund and in fact I think it'll be fun to start working again. especially since I'll start a whole new sort of employment when I get back and it will be so exciting.

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1 Lovley thoughts:

Sanaa Muslim Mama said...

Love to see my kids running around playing, mixing with other little people and imitating us crazy adults!!! All of my children are in school my third one is at part time nursery with her older brother and sister being in the upper classes. Just me and baby chilaxing most of the day. I do anticipate them all in school and being 'free' for few hours..wonder if Allah will ever give me that again??? lol Hamdulillah