A little sunshine behind the dark clouds

We visited the new doctor a few days ago. He wants to do the circumcision in no more than two months. He will put my son to sleep  and he will take the help of an anesthesiologist,nurse anesthetist and himself who shall do the circumcision. This will cost a lot, but honestly,the most important thing is that my baby feel good. I feel safe with this doctor. 
He seems very competent. Insha Allah it will be resolved for the best this time. I really need to get closure on this. But I feel better now after having been talking to this doctor. I noticed that he wants to help us and that feels good.

I want to thank you for your warm comments and  that you have been patient with me. I know I talked a lot about this and soon Insha Allah, I can put this story behind me.

I went to a friend today, It was really nice and the weather was lovley! It was a perfect walk to her. It took about 30 min and it was perfect.

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