My little guy

I'm very surprised at myself. I am surprised by my own feelings.  

I am breastfeeding my little boy and has obviously been doing so since he was born. I have often thought it was a bit awkward when I'm going to go out among other people and my baby wants food. I do not like to breastfeed in public, even if I have a blanket over my son and myself to hide us. But it has happened that have to do it. necessity knows no law and my children's needs must come first. But I can usually find a nursing room or a toilet that I can hide myself on.  

Now I have started to give my baby some food, small servings of flavor. I give him porridge in the morning, a vegetable puree for lunch and fruit puree for a snack in the afternoon. There are no large amounts I give him but it means that I do not have to breast-feed as often.  

Now, I think it feels very strange that I am not breastfeeding so often. I miss to breastfeed my baby. Now I wish I breastfeed more often. How weird is that? When I had to always breast feed, then I thought it was hard and now that I do not breast feed more than 4 times per day, I miss it. I don´t really think the breast-feed is the problem I think it is because I feel my little guy is growing up so fast. I want him to always  be small, but at the same time I think it is so fun to watch him develop and grow. I have really mixed feelings about this.

Oh and by the way the doctor called me yesterday and the surgery is booked and will be in two weeks. please make dua for my little guy.

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5 Lovley thoughts:

rose water said...

Dear sister. I understand that you don't like breastfeeding in public. If I had a child, I'd also cover us up with some fabric :) That's what my husband's ex-wife did, when they had their child together, I've been told.
It's interesting to read about your mixed feelings on breastfeeding and I think I understand how amazing and also strange it is to see your boy grow up so fast :) <3 I send you lots of hugs. You seem like a wonderful mother.

Daily Dose of Neeberz said...

This post is way to sweet! Your kid is lucky to have a mom that loves him as much as you do!

*Muslim mama* said...

Thank you rosewater :D I am sure you will be wonderful mother too some day :D <3

*Muslim mama* said...

Daily dose of neeberz: thank you :)

rose water said...

- You're too sweet, *Muslim mama*. Insha'Allah I'll have a child or two some day! At least my husband thinks that you can't, as a man, tell a woman you married that you don't want any children! So *whew* ;) 'Cause he has already gotten a daughter with his former wife and I sometimes feared that he wouldn't want any more children...and I thought about just saying "OK" to that - but now as I get older, I feel the urge to become a mother one day too... Actually I wouldn't feel quite completed as a woman without, I think... But of course, insha'Allah, I would learn to live without too.

Take care my dear :) <3