Apparently he did nothing wrong.... yeah right........

So it is time for yet another visit to the doctor for our little son who has been circumcised. if there is anyone who has missed this difficult period in my life, his circumcision was made wrong and must now be repeated at some time. We were at the doctor that performed the circumcision yesterday to question his actions but he does not believe that he had done anything wrong. According to him, this is something that happens even if it is unusual. But today we will go to another doctor who I have a lot more confidence in. We shall see what he says now about this.
My sister's son was circumcised last week by another doctor who apparently uses a laser. It went very well and the boy are doing well. Oh how I wish we had gone to that doctor instead of this stupid doctor. I´ve been feeling ill for the last week. I´ve been tired, nausea, and pain in my stomach. I think it is the stress over this whole situation that is finally getting to me. This really have been one of the worst things I´ve been through in my life. Mess with me, sure I can take it, but mess with my son, that is just way to much for me to handle. I just want to protect him and this time I could not and he is so tiny, he is just a baby. How could someone do such a thing to a little baby? I just don´t understand. I thank Allah and for the faith I have in Allah. I am not sure I would be able to get through this otherwise.
I feel that there is not so much happening here with me. I am mostly at home with my little son who is now a full 5 months. (he has become so big my little guy) And now spring is coming so now I have to really start going out a bit. Go for a walk in the sun, it's wonderful. I have really missed the spring.

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7 Lovley thoughts:

rose water said...

Dear sister, I am so sorry to hear how troublesome this whole affair has been!!! Insha'Allah everything will be good soon! <3 <3 <3 You and your son are in my duaas.

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Asalaamu alaikum,

Awwww, I am so sorry about what happened with your son :-( Poor little thing... I'm praying that this next doctor can make things right and your baby won't have any long-term affects or have any pain inshaaAllah.


Muscat Mitchells said...

Hey, you sound positive at the end there. It will work out and this will be in the past. Take each day and do something positive like your spring walks! I know you ache but show your son your smile every now and then.

(I know you don't know me from the next person but I think Motherhood brings us together, doesn't it! ;-) )

*Muslim mama* said...

Thank you all of you for your nice thoughts! :D

marwa said...

hi. i start reading ur blog and its really nice. i just want to tell you that i went through the same thing with my son and it was alot for me to take. i was so mad at the doctor. and i wondered why he would go through this twice but alhamedallah everything is ok now.

*Muslim mama* said...


Thank you :)
al hamdulillah your son is ok now. Insha allah mine will be too

marwa said...

insha allah everything will be fine with him.