On the move

So we are moving in a week and did anyone tell how hard it is to move when you have a little baby? Well it is. When are you suppose to have time to pack all of your stuff when you have a little baby crying most of the time. It takes a lot longer than you plan. I do hope we have it all packed before we have to move. I am so happy we finally found a bigger place. 

It was starting to really get on my nerves to live in this small apartment. We really needed a bigger place and now we do al hamdulillah!

The new apartment is really cosy and recently renovated. It is not very big but it does have an extra bedroom and that is the most important thing. I mean, our baby need a bedroom to play in and later sleep in. As long as I´m breastfeeding him he sleeps in our room in his crib. I do hope he will be able to sleep on his own in time. But it is all about rutines so I will focus on that.

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1 Lovley thoughts:

Sweet Escape said...

Salams. I'm glad to hear you and your family found a bigger place to live. I know it can be really difficult being in a small place without enough room. I'm not married yet so I don't have kids but I can only imagine how hard it is trying to pack and move with a little one. Good luck!