Am I very selfish?

I just love to see my son grow and develop into a little person. He is learning new things every day. I am so happy to see this development in him. He has started to make such cute noises, it is like is talking to me but I really can´t understand I thing but he is so cute! 

I just love him so much. I just want to keep him all to my self.  Am I very selfish? sometimes I think to myself that I want my son to love me more than his daddy. There I said it. I am such a horrible person. How can think like that? But I do, in my darkest hours I really do. It is stupid. I love my husband and I do want my son to love him I do. Really. But sometimes I just want him all for my self.

He is just little over wo months and I have started to read 'find nemo' to my son every night before bed. Children need rutines and I just love to look how happy he gets. He loves the pictures and 'talks' to the pictures when I read to him. He is the light of my light. When I am sad I just need to look at his little face and I feel all better.

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