A weird discussion

Sometimes I come across people who say things to me that I simply can not let go. I can not stop thinking about it and often I can not sleep at night because when I'm trying to figure out how I can give a good response and sometimes I'm just too angry and lies and argue with the person in question in my head. I always have so much good things to say when I'm lying there in the darkness.  

It has happened two things recently that made ​​me irritated and I am now thinking very much about. One of these things is a discussion I had with my sister a month ago. Yes I know a whole month, I have gone around and been irritated and a bit sad that my sister for the first refused to listen to my arguments, and second she seems to think that I am completely without brain cells. Ok I'm no Einstein but I'm really absolutely not without brain cells either. Maybe I should explain what happened.  

We looked at a period movie and for some reason we got on the following dicussion:
My sister says: It's so funny that people at that time believed that there was a hymen. 
I said: Yes, but it does actually.  
My sister: No, it's a myth  
I said: No it is not a myth.  

Then I tried to then explain the following to her: The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia. (wikipedia) Well not exactly with these words but you get what I mean right? 
But she just would not listen to reason. She did not listen period.

I know this is a weird topic perhaps to discuss but she have been saying this quite often latley and I just had to say something this time. And she just looked at me like there was something wrong with my brain or something.

Am I really that stupid? But would it not be something you had heard about before, I mean if it was really a myth??

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