Alone at last

I don´t know if I told you this (Iprobably did) but my sister have been living with us for a few months and it has been a pain. No help from her I´ll tell you. For her it has been like living at a hotel. I have done everything for her and she gave nothing in return. My usband has been a bit irritated on her. maybe that´s why he havn´t helped much around the house latley since he is never home? But now we are alone at last and *poof* all of the sudden he is home more again and is helping me more arond the house!! I got my husband back! jipiii!!!! And it is really good to have him back mentally again! I have missed him. I mean he has been here and he hasn´t at the same time you know? Anyway I am happy to have him back!

my son has became so active! he rolls around on the floor and try to take everything that he should not take. like my data cable for example. I have to run around all the time and take away things that he have gotten his hands on and that he is trying to eat! unbelievable what I get tired.

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1 Lovley thoughts:

The Black Jubah said...

Assalamualaikum Sister, MashaAllah beautiful blog. I know how its like if there's a third person in your HOME....