This post will be about a few things. 

You might have notice I have changed the design on the blog. What do you think? I felt I needed something to show my spring feelings :D

We have been to the new doctor and made the surgery on my son. It went well as far as we know. He is a happy little boy and insha allah he wont need any more surgery.

SPRING IS HERE!! I feel so happy to see the sun again! I felt more happy and more spirited than I have in many months. It was so "warm" today and the sun was shining. I went outside with my son and he rocked in a swing in the park outside our house for the first time today. He liked it alot, but the son was a bit to much for him I think! LoL

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3 Lovley thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Subhan'Allah. I'm so glad to hear everything's going well with your son now!!
And sister, I absolutely LOVE your new blog layout! It's so fresh and beautiful! Wow :)
I'm also enjoying Spring (on its way) :) <3
Take care!

Zaynab said...

Vilken fiiin blogg du har mashaAllah.

*Muslim mama* said...

thank you rose water

tack zaynab